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Covid - 19

We all know our health is very important and keeping active will help keep ourselves fighting fit & advised by the government, but apart from running what can you do right,  you know you need to tone those muscle too,  So I'm introducing Online Bootcamp Were you can still workout in the comfort of you own backyard.   No Equipment Don't Worry,  In the crazy times we have to adapt, so we've already come up with some great ways you can use things that we all have at home to still get a great resistance workout.  


Is TheTeamworkout right for ME?

Well let's see, The best way to get a good idea is to hear it from the teammates that have been part of the teams for years.  Below I've put together some of the reasons they gave when becoming part of the team.  In the interest of making sure, I've also put together a few reasons why The Teamworkout may not be right for you, right now.

Why I Joined

"I don't really like gyms, I get board & a  little intimidated." 

 "I've been putting it off for years & needed a kick up the motivation."

"having someone to care if I don't show and help me regain focus would really help"

"I don't push myself on my own, I want to Want to Exercise  & actually enjoy it"

"Time for Me to De-Stress and a little banter with friends who want the same kind of thing"​

"Advice on food & a guide on hand so i can make better choices"

"I needed help to confront my excuses

"I like the idea of being part of the team community & Not letting them down would help me"

Maybe the TEAM's NOT 😞 FOR YOU! (maybe 🤔)

If you're after quick weight loss: 

Now you may have a holiday, wedding etc... coming up very soon & want to shift that weight fast with crash dieting & intense exercise.  If you're really focused, you might shift a lot of weight quickly.

But you're expecting a lot from yourself. Trying to go against all your old habits & ways of thinking that put the weight on, will be very hard & not sustainable.

but that's not the worst part... With crash dieting you'll lose muscle tone to and the less tone you have the lower your metabolism

& there's the weight gain and MORE SO! after you've finished the diet.

At the team we'll be aiming for 1-2 lbs per week. You may lose a little more, initially, depending on your starting weight but doing this way takes the unnecessary stress out of having to drastically change your diet making it much easier, with coaching, to make gradual lifestyle changes actually stick.

What if it's Bad weather:

You may like the idea of getting fit outside, why else would you be here, right..  but lets be clear, we workout in all weathers: Hot sun, pouring down rain, snow etc I rarely cancel sessions.  but it is October so you maybe okay for snow ;) but if you feel like rain is going to be a problem, even with coaching then maybe it isn't for you. (p.s. you're skin is water proof ;)

I Want to Lose Weight & Tone Up:  

This is one of those stock answer many of us have when we are asked about our goals, which is fine for some, but in my experience you'll need to have a much deeper think about what you're after and more importantly why you need to make it happen.  In short you need to be stronger than your excuses.  

As your coach we'll discuss this and I'll help you get to the root of your personal strength. This is what you'll need to help you gradually push past the self sabotage.  The team mates that have scratched beneath the surface, have been with me for years, even the guys that moved on still exercise. You don't need to let me know everything but just be willing to confront the real reason you're here.  If this all sounds a bit too deep, then this probably isn't right for you. 

How Much!? : 

Now if you're not used to the personal touch it maybe a surprise that for the plan i do charge more than most gyms and I don't even have a load of lovely shiny machines and a/c etc. 

but you know as soon as you join a gym then you pretty much left to get on with it..  and if you need more personal support and guidance without the £25 hourly rate of 121 personal training... 

Then maybe the Teamworkout is the middle ground you're looking for to achieve your goals.   Normally we require you to commit to a 4 week plan @ £99 but in light of the current situation we are introducing a pay as you go system on a week to week basis and reduced our rate to £79.20 in line with the government 80% of wages


You still get all that extra support & a coach committed to helping you stay focused, for £19.80 for a week of workout.  We advise to come to a minimum of 3 per week but you'll have access to all 7 sessions. (click here to see the times)  Now If the your family does have to self isolate you'll be refunded the amount divided by the minimum advised sessions. 

Not sure on spending that much on your health?

Think about the pounds you're spending on the stuff that's taking you the other way. 

Takeaways, Booze, Cakes, Chocolates, Snacks, even Biscuits.

They all cost money and are costing YOU that healthy lifestyle you want...


I'm not saying you wont eat/drink them anymore... (I do)

But the version of you, If they are to exist! 

Won't Be Or Want to have all that stuff quiet so much.

The coaching call is free the first session the same.

So, what have you got to lose?

but before you decide to apply, take a look at what we do,  what the team say and the result they achieve.

1st Workout Free

45 minute Workouts

No Posers,

No Judgements

Your 1st session is on us! We want you to be sure this is something you're going to love, so come and try us out. See below for more info & bookings.

No distractions, No figuring out what to do next or if it the right thing to do.  Our ever changing workouts focus on motivating each other to get the best out of yourself whatever the exercise whatever your fitness level.

Every Single Teammate who has applied & joined the team are here to make real change and are very much like minded people.. You can Just take deep breath of fresh air and go to work on you, for you with the team.

How It Works...

Workout 3+ times Per Week

Food & Mindset Guidance

Have Fun Get Results!

Each 45 min workout is led by a certified Stafford personal trainer that will scale the workout to your ability. You’ll learn how to perform exercises like a pro & take your training to new levels with our fully engaged coaching.

We make it personal...  have me your coach on hand to help guide, encourage and motivate you when you need it... whether its with the food or encouraging to move.. At times we all hit a dip and having a coach to help you re-focus & snap you out of self sabotage, is essential.

You will be supported throughout and be made to feel welcomed into our fitness family from day one online & in training..

Does It Work....

Judy lost 33lbs

"I joined the Team 8 months ago and have lost 2 stone and my body shape has improved as I have also lost several inches. I have tried loads of different fitness classes, gyms etc over the years but this workout is by far the best I have ever done, if you want results but also a brilliant and encouraging coach and wonderful team mates then this is for you."

..... read full review on our facebook Page

Mark lost 50lbs

"I joined the team at the beginning of November 2018 after an extended bout of depression robbed me of all motivation for exercise and healthy eating.


Paul is a fantastic trainer and makes every session different and offers support for nutrition and motivation. I’ve lost over a stone in weight & my strength has improved considerably. More importantly my motivation for exercise and looking after myself has been re-ignited."

.... read full review on our facebook Page

Debbie lost 36lbs

"It has taken me years to motivate myself to do something about my fitness.


Eventually I took the step to contact Coach Paul and I haven't looked back. The sessions are geared to your individual ability but everyone supports each other, I worried at first that I wouldn't be good enough, or I wouldn't be able to do the activities. But you 'just get stuck in' and do your best. I have surprised myself and am actually having fun and I am really enjoying the buzz from exercising. #itsallabouttheshape."

We Know How Hard it Can Be... 

It can be hard to find time for yourself when you’re busy with work, life & family. We also understand the frustration that comes when you don’t make time for a healthy lifestyle. You deserve more. We’ve helped hundreds of people in the the Stafford area just like you, transform their lives.

I know, it may be a little scary taking on something new....  right now of course I don't know you.. but even without that knowledge i firmly believe that if your willing, and want it bad enough, that you'll be able to take part in my bootcamp.


If you find yourself saying "yeah but" pause, think for a second, that is just a thought! that's all... and in my experience is probably not even close to 100% true and is just holding you back from making your dreams reality... 

Isn't that thought worth challenging?  

with challenge you will change, without....

look, it's called training for a reason right?  and with my experience & coaching that means where ever you are right now you'll be further along even with just a quick coaching call... 

because it's probably, at this moment, your head, not the body, that's in need of a little training to help ignite some confidence and self belief that you can do this...

So, let's kickstart you into action and lets find that confidence & self belief to begin..

But don't take my word for it, I personally make choices on what real people think so if you need a little more convincing to help you take your first step....  check out for yourself the reviews left on our Facebook page.. 

Soon as you've done, come back here, watch the little vid and apply just below

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