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Got Lockdown Belly?

By doing the right thing and staying at home, Our general day to day activity has took a serious nose dive,  Yeah sure you got your daily walk/run outside but with nothing else to keep us busy, binge watching and eating easily fills up the rest of the day. 

I’m sure you’ve tried to stay motivated to exercise. but I know it hard to stay consistent at the best of time but with many of the thing we rely on unavailable , trying to seriously workout using a can of beans as weights, is a joke

And the inevitable result of these past months in Lock-down?  

The undeniable truth of your stretchy jeans cutting into your waist.


Now we know our health is really important and putting on weight is never a good thing for a mental or physical health, even more so in the strange time we are living in.

With the ease of the lock down I can now offer you support to help you get back on track take

Before all the madness I Coached theTeamworkout|Stafford Bootcamp at Wildwood park for over 5 years and before that ran gyms and personal trained for 10 years.   I still run the bootcamps on line and now I can get out and about I've put together this plan for as little as £18 a personal training session plus Free Online workouts . Take a look at how we are going to get you back in shape.

How It Works...

Choose the Personal Training plan to fit your lifestyle 

from a Single Personal Training Workout to booking 10 PT sessions at a park near you, You'll also gain access to my Online Workouts, Coaching  & Nutrition support, FREE!

Online Workouts

When you join in our online workouts you can loan equipment to help ramp up your results.

1st Workout Free

I want you to be sure this is something you're going to love, so come and try us out. See below for more info & bookings.

Food & Mindset Guidance

We make it personal...  have me your coach on hand to help guide, encourage and motivate you when you need it... whether its with the food or encouraging to move.. At times we all hit a dip and having a coach to help you re-focus & snap you out of self sabotage, is essential!

Does It Work....

Judy lost 33lbs

"I joined the Team 8 months ago and have lost 2 stone and my body shape has improved as I have also lost several inches. I have tried loads of different fitness classes, gyms etc over the years but this workout is by far the best I have ever done, if you want results but also a brilliant and encouraging coach and wonderful team mates then this is for you."

..... read full review on our facebook Page

Mark lost 50lbs

"I joined the team at the beginning of November 2018 after an extended bout of depression robbed me of all motivation for exercise and healthy eating.


Paul is a fantastic trainer and makes every session different and offers support for nutrition and motivation. I’ve lost over a stone in weight & my strength has improved considerably. More importantly my motivation for exercise and looking after myself has been re-ignited."

.... read full review on our facebook Page

Debbie lost 36lbs

"It has taken me years to motivate myself to do something about my fitness.


Eventually I took the step to contact Coach Paul and I haven't looked back. The sessions are geared to your individual ability but everyone supports each other, I worried at first that I wouldn't be good enough, or I wouldn't be able to do the activities. But you 'just get stuck in' and do your best. I have surprised myself and am actually having fun and I am really enjoying the buzz from exercising. #itsallabouttheshape."

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The First Step is always the Hardest.  But after you've done your first session you'll be glad you did it!

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All bootcamp sessions are 40 mins and Personal Training session are 1 hour.



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