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I understand that value for money is important to you, that's why you'll have a free personal training session from me before you commit to anything...  If you haven't already take a look at what we offer and please read some of our reviews. 

btw if Lock down came back in force or you had to self isolate I would pause your membership or refund you the remaining amount depending on the circumstances.


Coach Paul

Week By Week Bootcamp


4 Personal Training sessions


4 Week of Bootcamp


6 Personal Training sessions


(Training Plan must be completed in 6 weeks)

 6 Weeks of Bootcamp Workouts


(Training Plan must be completed in 4 weeks)

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1st Workout Free

Your 1st session is on us! We want you to be sure this is something you're going to love, so come and try us out. See below for more info & bookings. don't worry you won't be carry that weight bag on your first session

Your  Own Equipment

When you join the Team you'll either be assigned your own equipment for the session or everything cleaned down before you use anything

Online & Over the phone Coaching

We make it personal...  have me your coach on hand to help guide, encourage and motivate you when you need it... whether its with the food or encouraging to move.. At times we all hit a dip and having a coach to help you re-focus & snap you out of self sabotage, is essential!

I wrote the review that follows in September 2015, and as you can see I wondered then if it would last. Like most people I have tried and tested so many different gyms and countless other exercise groups all of which fizzled out after a few months. Not this one .Its different, it works ,its fun, and there is nothing more motivating when you are tiring then to hear one of the Team shout you've got this, keep going. We work together we celebrate each others successes we motivate each other to do more, and we succeed, and whats more we have a coach who is committed to our success. A winning combination. I have witnessed some awesome changes in people, and for myself I have lost 2 1/2 st and 3 dress sizes and maintained it now for more than 2 years. Have I regretted it, NO, not one minute of it.


Just completed my first month with Team workout Stafford. If you are considering getting into shape and toning up I cannot recommend this enough. Personally I didn't expect to carry on past the first month but the experience and feeling of well being that you achieve is addictive and leaves you wanting more. I am by no means the youngest member giving most of the team some 20 - 30 years, this hasn't been a problem although I did have reservations initially. Even in this short space of time I know my core strength has improved and is evidenced by a considerable improvement in my ability to drive a a golf ball longer and straighter , and I am looking forward to reducing my handicap further.

1'm updating my review for the team workout because I last reviewed when I was 6 weeks into my journey with the Team - and that was almost two years ago. So much has happened and changed for me in that time. I have the self confidence and strength to tackle life head on - and a large part of this is due to the Team. With the Team's support, I have overcome my hatred of exercise and realised that moving your body is bloody good and can be so much fun. No workout is the same, even 2 years down the line, and I look forward to seeing what is next. As a team we have undertaken challenges and fun experiences - obstacle mud runs, bouldering, assault courses. The coach is approachable and inspiring and the group is made up of some amazing people who motivate me daily to be a better version of me. 

My health and fitness has improved exponentially along with my self-awareness. Nutritional support is always available if needed, along with resources to help you to ditch the dieting and get to your goal (whether that be weight, strength etc) whilst living your life and not being afraid of chocolate!
I started the team having never exercised and being very overweight, and any exercises I could not manage were easily modified without any embarrassment or shaming so if you're thinking "I'll join when I'm fitter, or slimmer" then honestly, there's no time like the present to make that first step!


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