So... where the rest of my meal !?

It’s seems as humans if we see space we have to fill it and if the food looks lost on the plate we feel deprived...

but when we decided that we need to start looking after ourselves it can be a real shock to the system when we start eating the amount of food we actually need.

Now there are many thing we can do to help us make this adjustment but this is one of the most simplest thing we can implement to get us on the right track.

So look at the meal below

We've got sweet potato fries cooked in the oven with a teaspoon of olive oil, a steak done medium rare with a knob of unsalted organic butter and some steamed peas and broccoli.

Now you probably thinking “Were the rest of it”

But these are the portion size an average women should be eating.

Using the hand system for portioning

Palm of Protein

One Cupped hand of dense carb

A fist of Vegetables

A thumbs size of fats

But if the first thing your thinking as you serve up the food is “ that won't feel me up!”

physiologically you're going to feeling deprived before you even start eating

But you want to be good so you put the plate out with the rest of meals and see your husbands plate, which if he’s eating right will be double of yours..

So as you sit down feeling deprived, envious and hungry you take your first bite..

Firstly you’ll probably eat too fast, secondly you’ll go up for seconds (excuse the pun) and before you brain has chance to talk you've shoved a load more fries in it metaphorical mouth.

the nasty after taste of failure lingers on the brain as you fit for bursting belly remind you that you ate to much.

You're NOT greedy but we've probably been setting ourselves up for failure before we've even taken our first bite..

Take a look at the same meal below.

The exact same delicious food in the same portions as before but this time it fits on the plate,

so straight away any feeling of being deprived don't have a chance to turn into that vicious circle of over eating.

but wait you might think that if i have a smaller plate next to my partners larger one it will start the feeling of being deprived all over again.

Well look these are the two plate of food side by side. As you can see there's not much difference in the size of the overall plate..

you've heard of the tape measure doesn't lie.. so please look for yourself..

As you can see both plate are around 10 inches but the optical illusion is in the dish part of the plate. This only being 7 inches give your eyes the right perspective for what you should have been eating all along.

I Know this sound to simple to be true but go and check your crockery right now!

What every size plate you will have you'll fill it so do yourself a massive favour and take the first simple step an buy yourself the right size plate ..

Did you know in the 1960 the average plate size used to be 7 inches and through the decades they've got bigger and guess what so have we...

Overeating is a massive problem when trying to get in shape, even if your eating the healthiest foods you'll still put on weight, FACT.

As i said there are lots more thing you can do to help change the way you eat...

and if you want to find out more about..

The right habits,

The right food to stop the cravings,

The support/accountability you need to stay on track

and the workout class you'll enjoy doing........

Have a look at the website and book a free coaching call now.

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