Overcome the biggest obstacle..... You?

Teamworkout Stafford at Toughmudder

Look at these guys, hero’s everyone… this is one of the pic's just after completing the Tough Mudder half 2016 in the Midlands..

Covered in Mud, tired but absolute full of joy and pride..

Now you may think they're Mad..

and you may say to yourself

“i wouldn't/couldn't do anything like that!”

Now, take another look at them, take a good look

Now you can see that they’re all different ages, shape and sizes… I can assure you they have different fitness levels, old injuries and personal challenges…

And you know what they said the same thing too and maybe for the same reasons:

I'm not fit enough , I've not got the strength… i would hold up the rest of the team , i'd embarrass myself, i’d be too scared….

but what they did have is the belief in each other and the strength of the team to get them through.

One of the major things we pride ourselves with the Teamworkout is we are all very much about support.

we constantly encourage the team to lift each other both mentally and physically ;) in and outside of the workout...

It may surprise but it wasn't my idea to enter us into the Tough Mudder. It actually came from one of the team mates as a message on our support instant messenger

And even before i had chance to comment half the team persuaded each other to sign up and with a little more coaching the majority of the Team took up the challenge.

Now the physical side of things is second nature to the teamworkout.. Our exercise programme is designed to build strength and slim down.

However as Tough Mudder became closer and some more of the obstacle course was revealed the message-board lit up with with doubts, fears and self deprecating comments…

You could hear the undertones of “What have I let myself in for”

with a little reassurance and coaching from myself and by the Team the fear calmed,

but word need to be backed up with actions so I turned it up a notch with training.

At the Teamworkout we’re always innovating making the exercise both fun and functional and with a little adjusting I based some of the workouts around the strength and teamwork we’d need to tackle the obstacles…

Well the big day finally came and we’d done everything we could...

Now I could go on for hours about how we tackled the each obstacle and believe me we love talking about it...

But instead all I'll say is as a Team with each other strength and encouragment we SMASHED it!

(if you want real motivation watch the video at the end, sound on.)

Post Mudder the message board lit up with a big emotional release.

The realisation that as a Team we had achieved something that for many it had seemed so scary & impossible had been completed ..

to hear the Team recalling the movement of pride, the admirations for each other, the thanks go back and forth for the part the each other had play’d, the every present banter and to know actual tears of joy had been cried..

Well as a coach and friend to these people it was amazing to witness. The personal growth and strength of the people who came out the other side of the course and indeed through the time I've know them filled me with pride..

And although some of us are a little worse for wear, i know that many demons had been left buried in the mud that day.

So with all the mud washed away it made me realise ..

life is all about experiences,right? It forms who we are as people...

and our past experiences influences are present and future decisions..

So if your holding yourselves back from making some great life changing memories because you feel your a little bit scared or don’t have the confidence in yourself or your ability ..

then you have to surround yourself with the right kind of people, the ones that will lift you up!

I’m not saying the Teamworkout will be the answer to all you problems ,

but if you have the right support to motivate you to eat the right food and get out there and exercise, You can build the confidence to say YES to life, have some great experiences and build some brilliant memories...

Watch this clip made by one of the team of our day in the mud

only rule, turn the sound up

If you would like to be part of our teamworkout or just find out more click the arrow on the side find the menu at the top right and contact us


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