The Reason WHY your workouts aren't working

Whenever someone new starts the team we have a coaching call to find out where the they are now and go through how we can move them forward

This particular call is one that I've had with a lot of people before .. So if this sounds familiar or you just can't get motivated to start then read on...

Mary had been until recently going to the gym for the last 4 months, 3 to 4 times a week, spending an hour each time, eating reasonably healthy and still not achieving her results..

This was making no sense to her and to say the least it was incredibly frustrated and the reason why she'd given up now and times before...

Well the conversation went as follows...

I asked Mary what she had been doing in her workout sessions.

She said her sessions mainly consisted of bit on the Cardio and some of the resistance machines. The cardio she'd mainly use the cross trainer for 20 - 40 minutes and the resistance side she would join a circuit class, abs class then use the inner leg machine, ab cruncher and back of arms (tricep) machine …..

As with a lot of people she wanted to lose weight on her belly, thighs and Bingo wings (her words) so hence the machines….

Apart from some initial weight loss in the first couple of weeks she had achieved no real losses since..

Now maybe intensity, resistance level, the exercises or machine could have been at fault here or possible something to do with her eating habits... which we would talk about later.

But before we examined that, there is something fundamental that we need to explore..

So first question I asked her "What do you think about when you're working out?

She said “what do you mean?”

When you're in the gym let’s say on the cross trainer, what thoughts go through your mind?

Mary said, "Well i might think about the day i had, or what i was eating later on..

Anything else?

Like what?…

How about, how you felt?

Ermm… Maybe that i was a little out of breathe and i was hot….

How about how you felt... emotionally, come on what are your really think about?


This a natural point where people get a little cautious and why wouldn't you!

Most people who start on a new fitness regime usually go to a gym, where the conversation goes as far a what your goal? Okay that's great!, do you want to book an inductions? which most people skip, go on be honest..

So when someone starts asking probing questions, you may feel a little hesitant to answer..

but as a coach it really important to go that little bit deeper, it may feel a little raw, especially to open up to stranger, but the more you do a bit of self discovery the more likely you can find the motivation to make a real change.

When your in the right mind frame, you can achieve anything..

After explaining this Mary began to really think about her workout sessions ..

she said well it depends… I've never really thought about it but.....sometimes I suppose i felt a little self conscious, you know that people are judging me… I hate people seeing me sweat so I go in the corner away from the fit crew... they're going twice as fast as me and they piss me off ….

Why does it piss you off?

Because how are they so fit and i’m not… it’s probably because i’m older and stuff.. the classes are good though but i don’t think, i think at all! Apart from maybe how i knackered i am and when can we stop lol…...

Although sometimes it is a bit clicky and sometime i'm not sure it i’m getting it right.. Oh and When i doing the weights machines.. I usually think arhh its burning right before i stop. lol.

Now, Lots of people have these thoughts when they go through a gym experience. We can feel generally vulnerable because the very reason we are here is because we don't like the shape we have become, thus making us feel self-conscious amongst other negative feelings ….

When we feel like this it seems a lot of us put up a filter, one in which we can only see the super fit people in the gym. When all you can see is the superfit we can brutally start to compare ourselves and usually unfairly, making us feel inadequate.

So Mary .. we now know a little bit about how your feeling when your working out...

So why are you putting yourself through it... what are you training for?

We'll you know i really want to lose weight and tone up my body... lose the old belly and get rid of the bingo wings..

can you be more specific?

I don't know .... lose about 2 stone maybe..

"Okay so that your goal... so why do you want to lose 2 stone."

erm i don't know, i want to look good and be healthier

So if you look good what that going to do for you ....and what does healthier mean to you?


A lot of us do this when we decide to get in shape.... we have an initial reason that gets us to move but then we don't spend enough time thinking about why we really want this change.

Now this can sometimes be because your reason can be a little raw and we'd rather leave that door closed, if we avoid it we're safe from that pain; but if the door is closed we will struggle to move forward...

pain can be a positive force for change just as much as a positive reason why, it just depends on your perspective..

but by not knowing, being vague or not being honest with ourselves, all we have is empty meaningless motivation...

Which can quickly run out!

We get distracted and stop pushing ourselves, ... or worst start beating ourselves up, during and after the workout..

Just turning becomes harder and with this and the feeling your getting nowhere can be the nail in the new you coffin!

So this is the really important bit!

before you even start the workout you need to have a good hard think about your reason WHY!

This reason must be clear, honest, Personal and Powerful ...

for example:

I want to feel better about myself because this will give my greater confidence and self esteem to say YES to Life, I want to feel like i being the best version of me..

I want more more energy to be up and about with my family and be a good example for my children

I want sometime for just me so i can de-stress and feel good.... when i'm happy everyone else will be happy..

I want to be fit in my later years, so i can do the things i want too and go to the places i want to see and not feel i have to hold back.

All these reason when it comes down to it.. it's because you want to be HAPPIER..

Oh and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look better in a bathing suit for your summer hol's....

Just try and think about the reason why you want it and beyond...

if your focused on the reasons why... you're next session you will....

  • Go that little bit faster

  • Last that little bit longer

  • lift that heavier weight

  • Do that extra Rep

  • Push beyond the burn

  • Push through the exhaustion

If you've got the right workouts session you'll be getting that all important buzz and the satisfaction of challenge that effect you in the only place that matters..

Your Mindset...

If your heads in the right place and you know what your doing it all for staying on track will be that much easier

But it's not all about what we do in the workouts .. after we focused the mind we went on to talk about how getting the food right is just as important.....

but more about that on the next blog

with the TEAM This is something that from your first coaching call to every session we help you with the focus… from mindset exercise, to fun workout session, to online support and 121 coaching..


We do everything we can to help you build that better version of you..

want to know more check out the website

but before you do think about that reason WHY ;)

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