Can't Motivate Yourself To Move........ Could This Be Why?

At this time of year it can get a lot harder to get yourself motivated to move ...

It's dark earlier, its cold and it can be a little depressing BUT you know if you could just motivate yourself to move you'd feel better. ...

Well could the way you've been trying to motivate yourself be part of the problem?

let me explain

So picture yourself..

You've just got back from work, it's already dark out, it's been a hard day, you feel exhausted and maybe because of the time of year your a little down..

You quickly glance in the mirror and at this point you see the post it note that you wrote earlier, WORKOUT!!

You have a good look at yourself, take in a deep breathe and start to try to motivate yourself to get your workout on..

Now does this sound like the way you've tried to make your workout happen?

"I got to exercise tonight. If I don't work out, I'm never going to get fit."

"You've got to do this... or you'll never lose this belly otherwise"

"Com on !, don't be So Lazy, why can't you be like, whats-her-name! she's superfit and always working out, what''s wrong with you!"

Sound a bit like you?

These statement have many hidden obstacles.

In the first statement, for one thing, feeling like you should do something makes it seem like work, or an obligation.

That's no fun! Your'e also thinking about what will happen if you don't exercise -- in other words, you're threatening yourself with punishment (the image of being unfit).

The Second statement, again your making it seem like a task coupled with the image of a big belly... When we focus on one are we tend to block everything else out making it seem bigger than it is...

The third one, you've started to bully yourself now, putting yourself down and have also begun to brutally compare yourself unfairly with someone, who like you has struggled with motivation but has gotten the encouragement and support needed to be consistent enough to get some result..

So Subconsciously, with all these statement you're flooding your mind with negativity.

Instead of thinking about how you'll look if you don't work out, think about how great you'd look if you did!

and instead of putting yourself down, talk yourself up and remember when you get yourself moving, you be lapping the people sitting on the couch..

It's very important to be more mindful and think in the positive.

Instead of, "I feel terrible for not working out," think "I'd feel better if I worked out -- so tomorrow I will." If you think in "nots" and "nevers" and "didn'ts," you're just bogging yourself down, making it even harder to get motivated!

This, coupled with a great workout, good support and the right food .... You'll be getting yourself closer to feeling like the amazing person you are...

These are some of the people i work with..

There just like you, and sometime they need help getting motivated...

and at time sometimes they are the one motivating the other...

there on a journey and as a TEAM we'll help each other alone the way..

So if you need help realise how amazing your are contact me on the website or email

Coach Foz

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