I was amazed at what she said

Angie is the lady in the green top on the left, she'd been with the team 3 weeks

and as part of the team, I like to keep connected, not just in the workouts but after them as well

It's a big part of the plan and our success

My Philosophy: the better I know you, the better I can motivate you

But just see what she said.... I was shocked


Okay, so I wasn't shocked

I just wanted you to read it .... sorry!

This is what I really want you to know

later that week I had a 121 call with Angie and she told me that for 6 months she had been following us and was pee'd off with herself..

saying "if I'd only plucked up the courage to make that initial call I could have been 6 months ahead now"

I said let's not dwell on the past, we can't affect that now...

she was here, right now in the present making progress and looking out for her future.

So .......... I'm hoping this may have struck a chord...

and if you're ready and would like to feel like Angi does now

You could book a friendly coaching call.... Just type ANG at the start of your messageEndFragment

Book a Call

Or if you need to refresh your memory on what we do follow the link below

Refresh your Memory

P.s. Angie is on her second month ... but on her second day with the encouragement of the team .... she coming with us to take part in Septembers XRUNNER mudrun .... what a legend..

Coach Foz

Teamworkout Stafford


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