Are you really hungry? : Head Hunger Vs Body Hunger

Well what the difference right?

Simple put Head hunger is emotional hunger and belly hunger is biological hunger, but the problem is they can feel exactly the same, unless you know how to tell them apart.

If we are eating in response to head hunger, then we're feeding our body calories it does not need. All those unneeded calories make weight loss really hard and if we are not care full , be the cause of weight regain

and we feel miserable it can be a contributing factor in our head hunger problem...

bottom line head hunger can make your weight loss journey challenge

the challenge is begin to Learn to only eat in response to physical biological hunger and not head hunger which in our modern world can be hard but the more often you fuel your body properly and avoid an emotional eating episode the easier it will be take stay in shape longterm.

To give you the heads up on head hunger below is a list to help you learn the difference between head hunger and belly hunger

Once you can spot which, you'll know when it safe to trust your hunger cues when assessing your hunger..

Head Hunger (emotional Hunger)

1. Comes on suddenly and has no relation to when you last . head hunger can hit you at any time

2. If you ate within an hour or two and think you are hungry: think again! you probably are experiencing head hunger

3. While Assessing what you want if You are craving a particular food (sweet,salty or any comfort food).

4. Hunger Hunger is often associated with an emotional (stress,anger, depression, anxiety,etc that make you Think you're hungry.

5. Head Hunger can also be associated with an activity. For example, if you usually eat while you watch TV, you may begin to associate watching TV with eating and start to "feel" hungry every time you watch TV.

6. You usually binge,overeat and /or mindlessly eat. To fill a void or quell painful feelings. Some may overeat to the point of being in pain

7. Eating in response to head hunger is usually followed by feelings of guilt and/or shame.

Belly Hunger ( Physical hunger)

1. Comes on gradually and builds to stronger and stronger pangs

2. Belly Hunger is directly related to when and somewhat what you last ate, true belly hunger usually start a few hours after a meal

3. You are not picky or craving anything in particular. In other words you are truly hungry and need to eat..

4 you can usually wait to eat

5. Belly hunger occurs because you need to fuel and your body and is not related to an emotion or any particular activity..

6 You do not usually overeat binge or mindlessly eat and can stop when you are comfortable full about 6 on the hunger scale

7. When we eat in response to belly hunger we do not feel guilt or shame. we ate because our bodies need the fuel

just knowing it's head hunger doesn't make it go away,

So now that you can identify what head hunger is there are many different ways you can get rid of these phantom hunger pangs

Here a couple of the best ways you can begin to train yourself to resist the urges and gain control over you appetite

Surf the Urge

10 min Rule

Identify Triggers

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