To get you started with the food side of things just watch this little clip


Set up myfitnesspal

Click the myfitnesspal  logo for a step by step guide on how to fully setup. 

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(p.s.  I  am not the food police, i not going to judge you on what your eating/drinking & the only other people who'll see your dairy will be people you add as friends... 

To get started with the food, load up your myfitnesspal account on your phone & follow all of these steps.   


1. Set Your Current Weight


2. Put Activity level to lightly active at most but if you sit down most of the day set it to sedentary


3. Set Your Goal to Maintain (the workouts should take care of the weight loss)







4. (IMPORTANT) To Help me give you support & to give you accountability ... click on the clipboard icon to show you how to add me as a friend. 

5 Focus mostly on making sure you hit your protein goal...To learn how to monitor Protein click the Chicken drumstick icon 

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The Measure of Things


Click this icon to download the a full body measurement sheet.. 

Review Your Progress


Every week weight & measure and let me know your progress....   If you're losing great stuff, if you're Not!  I'll go through your plan, give advice and make any necessary change. 


Tips To Stay On Track

Weigh your food

One persons medium potatoes maybe your idea of large

Eat & Add.. Don't leave it to long to add food to your diary..  You'll end up guessing & get it wrong

How Big are your Plates

If you're plates are large usually so are your portions 

Eat Slow & Feel Full 

Main meals should

take at least 15mins

Drink more Water..You might be thirsty Instead of Hungry

Eating out... On your plate, Protein should cover about 35% 

No Foods are banned just savour those decanted treat!

Mindset Training: Escape the DietTrap


A lot of why we fall off track is to do with our mindset & relationship with food, The follow is essential reading to help you make you train your mind as well as body... 

Teamworkout Cognitive Distortions: Understanding & Tackling unhelpful Mindsets
Gaining Control Of Cravings : Surfing the Urge
Moral Licensing : How Being Good can make you Bad
The "What the Hell Effect" : Escaping the Self Sabotage Cycle

Recipe For Success

Teamworkout Food Forum
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Teamworkout Immune Boosting Recipes

 It's no secret that getting in shape and being healthier means making better choices of what we eat... but as we will begin to learn, a healthy relationship with food will keep us in good shape, for life! 

To give you some tasty options, below we've got plenty of delicious & simple to make recipes for you to add to your life... 

Plus join the Food Forum to add your own favourite and see what the team are cooking up